Zebra WT6000


Introducing the Zebra WT6000, the Android wearable computer that sets a new standard for enterprise-class wearability. The compact device is 27% lighter, with 36% less volume than prior generation wearables. The WT6000 sets the industry standard for rugged design in its class — it’s dustproof, sprayproof and built to handle drops and subzero temperatures in the freezer. An incredible new mounting system offers the micro-adjustability required to ensure a comfortable fit on every worker, on any size arm — all with just the simple turn of a knob. A larger touchscreen offers more space to display Android’s highly intuitive graphical applications, easy input with gloves or when wet, and the same familiar behaviors on today’s Android devices – including pinch-to-zoom and swipe. Integrated NFC makes it easy to deploy a complete hands-free speech directed solution — workers can simply tap to pair Zebra’s RS6000 Bluetooth ring scanner, HS3100 Bluetooth headset and NFC-supported Bluetooth printers. The result? Maximum comfort. Maximum durability. And maximum workforce productivity. The WT6000 — putting the wearable in industrial wearable computing.