Zebra TC53 / TC58 6″ mobilni terminal


Introducing the TC53 and TC58, the first members of a new generation of Zebra mobile computers designed to do more. What makes these devices so different? New hardware redefines mobile computing performance. New solutions and sensor technologies as well as all the latest and fastest wireless technologies, including 5G, Wi-Fi 6E and CBRS (U.S. only), redefine the world of possibilities. A class-leading full HD+ 6-inch display helps workers to see more, do more and scroll less.

With Zebra-only Mobility DNA tools, the TC53 and TC58 deliver a built-in advantage, maximizing user productivity while minimizing IT complexities throughout the entire device lifecycle. Also, new manufacturing technologies make the TC53 and TC58 thinner yet even more rugged. The TC53 and TC58 mobile computers offer a new generation of data collection, a new level of operational efficiency and a new level of workforce productivity—driving new possibilities into the world of mobility.