Zebra MC2200 / MC2700

Zaslon 4″, 800 x 480

Izmenljiva baterija

Fizična tipkovnica

1D/2D čitalec

Android OS






When it comes to empowering workers in small and medium-sized businesses, the MC2200/MC2700 delivers ‘no compromise’ affordable mobility. Designed for use throughout your entire operation, the WiFi-only (MC2200) and WiFi/cellular data (MC2700) models connect practically any worker, anywhere — from the floor of a warehouse, manufacturing plant or retail store, to large outdoor spaces such as ports or yards, and out in the field. This class-leading lightweight device sets the bar for comfort. Zebra’s Industrial Design team structured all the major physical aspects of these devices to deliver ergonomic excellence, including: key size, shape and location, key colors, the tapered shape, separate finger perches for one-handed keypad and display use, the snap-on trigger handle for scan intensive tasks and more. The keypad supports existing Terminal Emulation applications today, while the touchscreen paves the way for the intuitive touch-based Android screens of tomorrow. Enterprise-class scanning enables first-time every time capture of virtually any barcode in any condition — including damaged, scratched, dirty or poorly printed. Driven by Zebra’s most powerful Android platform, the most advanced processor delivers desktop-like application performance. Android 10 provides the latest OS features, with support for Android 11 for superior future-proofing. The housing is built to handle frequent wipe downs with common disinfectants to help prevent the spread of germs between workers. The most comprehensive suite of charging and carrying accessories in this class makes backroom device management easy for workers and support staff. Mobility DNA Professional complimentary tools make your devices easier to use, manage and secure. And the upgradable Mobility DNA Enterprise License unlocks powerful tools that boost workforce productivity, device security and large deployment simplicity.