Zebra CS4070-SR

  • Žepni prenosni brezžični Bluetooth čitalec
  • Bere 1D in 2D kode
  • Polnjenje preko Micro-USB kabla

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Workers using tablets, laptops, and smartphones all share a common challenge: the consumer-grade camera used to capture bar codes on these devices makes scanning slow, uncomfortable, and often impossible, unless the bar code is perfect. With the CS4070-SR, users now have an easy way to add enterprise-class scanning to any mobile device. This affordable pocket-sized wireless device offers Zebra’s most advanced bar code scanning technology, allowing workers to capture virtually any 1D or 2D bar code in any condition in the time it takes to press the trigger. Users get the flexibility to capture bar codes displayed on the screen of a computer or mobile phone or printed on a label, even when the bar codes are damaged, dirty, poorly printed, or scratched.

The CS4070’s long range and omni-directional scanning deliver true point-and-shoot simplicity, and a natural feel delivers comfortable no-fatigue scanning—no matter how many times a day workers need to scan. Plus, with enterprise-class drop, tumble, sealing, and actuation specifications, users can count on reliable operation, all day, every day.