Zebra SB1 Smart Badge


Turn shoppers into buyers. Today’s shoppers are tough customers — they have higher expectations and more
knowledge than ever before. They expect an immaculate store, with shelves stocked with the products they want to
buy. They expect your sales associates to answer whatever question they might have in seconds — just like their
smartphones can. Delivering superior service to these customers is a real challenge. But if your associates are
wearing the powerful SB1 smart badge from Zebra, they can. The SB1 is a brand new category of mobile device that
you can give to every one of your retail associates. This truly smart badge is full of the features every associate needs
to deliver the best customer experience, with the connectivity needed to keep them productive, every minute of every
day. Now, the badges your associates wear can allow associates to: access a personalized task list; accept tasks and
acknowledge completion; scan a bar code to check price and inventory; and connect via push-to-talk (PTT) with other
workers carrying practically any other PTT-enabled mobile device in use in the store. The result is a powerful
always-connected workforce that can always access the people and information they need to maximize productivity
and exceed your customers’ expectations on every visit.