Zebra EC50 / EC55

  • hibrid mobilnega terminala ter prenosnega telefona
  • opcija vgrajenega čitalca 1D/2D kode
  • EC50 WiFi only ali EC55 WiFi/LTE
  • Android OS
  • ec50-ec55-specifikacije


The EC50 WiFi and EC55 WiFi/cellular enterprise mobile computers are the thinnest, lightest Zebra mobile computers yet. With the EC50/EC55, Zebra has introduced a new category—an individually assigned enterprise mobile computer with an optional integrated scanner. Businesses of any size, from large enterprises to SMBs, will appreciate the benefits of the EC50/EC55 for diverse applications inside the four walls and out in the field.

Designed to be individually assigned, these devices are always at hand, ready to work hard whenever they’re needed—and wherever workers happen to be. Customers get the best of all worlds—the great smartphone look and feel workers want in their business device, the durability for all-day everyday business, plus all the business features workers need to be maximally productive, collaborate and drive device value to a new high.

Customers and their workers benefit from the EC50/EC55 extreme flexibility. In just seconds, the same device that slips into a pocket can turn into a full workstation, a gun-style device that brings extreme comfort to scan intensive tasks, or a two-way radio or PBX handset for better collaboration via voice and text.

As the industry’s most evolved and extensive suite of software, the enterprise-ready Mobility DNA suite improves practically every aspect of these devices, taking ease-of-use, device security and device manageability to a new level. The EC50 and EC55 are ready for the future with support for payment options and RFID.

With Device Tracker customers can easily find lost and misplaced devices, even if they are powered down. The ability to purchase these devices for four years eliminates the complexities of managing different models on different platforms. And the optional gold standard in support is available to keep the devices up, running and in the hands of workers. The EC50 and EC55 are the individually-assigned smartphone-style enterprise mobile computers that are all business.