Datalogic PowerScan 9100

  • 1D linear imager čitalec
  • tanka zelena skenirna črta, kot pri laserskem čitalcu
  • USB, RS-232 ali KBW vmesnik
  • hitro zamenljiva baterija
  • opcijsko čitalec z zaslonom in tipkovnico (4-tipke in 16-tipk)
  • IP65 / odporen na padce iz 2 m višine
  • možnost zamenjave sprednjega stekla v primeru poškodbe

PD9130 – žični model

PM9100 – brezžični 433 MHz model

PBT9100 – brezžični Bluetooth model


The PowerScan 9100 linear imagers have an ergonomic shape with well-balanced weight providing optimal operator comfort during scan-intensive operations.  The green scanning line has been proven to be the most comfortable color solution for the operator’s eyes during daily operations.

The 9100 imagers also feature Datalogic’s exclusive 3 Green Lights (3GL™) for superior good-read feedback. The patented ‘Green Spot’ technology directly on the code and dual Good Read LEDs on the top of the cap increase visibility at any angle.  All models have multi-interface capabilities featuring the most popular interfaces: RS-232, Keyboard Wedge and USB.

The PowerScan 9100 imager’s mechanics have been developed and tested to withstand extreme environmental conditions, maintaining consistent reading standards without sacrificing performance or reliability. Its ergonomic enclosure is lightweight and well-balanced to ensure optimal operator comfort during scan-intensive operations.

The PowerScan 9100 linear imagers are comprised of the corded PD9130 imager and the cordless PBT9100 / PM9100 imagers. The PBT9100 features Bluetooth® wireless technology and the PM9100 features Datalogic’s STAR Cordless System™ narrow band radio.