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Datalogic DS6300

Datalogic DS6300


The high performance DS6300 industrial laser bar code scanner presents the new Step-a-Head™ feature, new "2-step" optics, reading range from 250 to 2.000 mm, advanced decoder with code reconstruction capability (ACR4), good reading performance on very low contrast bar codes, display and keyboard, new GENIUS™ SW configurator.


  • Selectable focus system
  • Avalanche photodiode technology
  • 600-1200scan /sec
  • 4 input + 3 output
  • Built in: Ethernet or Profibus or Devicenet
  • Display + Keypad
  • ACR4 decoding algorithm
  • Typical reading range: 300 - 1400mm



  • Reading on pallets
  • Automated warehousing
  • Reading on forklift trucks
  • Picking systems
  • Shop floor applications